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2003-03-05 xmlg study
An academic study has now been filled, it just needs some polishing so that it can be published later this month. It is currently called "A flexible and efficient annotation approach based on XML". It looks on implementation and performance of ab xml/g derived processor for PFE documentation and how it compares to other source code extractor / documentation tools like doc++.
2003-03-03 errno(1)
micro project published that prints the list of errno(3) symbolic names, values and strerror descriptions. A handy tool for library makers/programmers. Freshmeat declined to list it.
2003-02-27 PFE chm file
finished work on docbook-based PFE documentation for Tek/MPT. A variant for the LGPL part of Open-PFE has been built as well using the same toolchain - the Microsoft HtmlHelp file "pfe-fth.chm" has been published today and put on the pfe download page.
2003-02-12 XML/G
Giving a boost to the XML/G project, making a tool for PFE source documentation that creates all the stuff known from the old tool from the XM-Tool derived doc processor. While we are here, the code base of XML/G has stabalized, the project now leaves alpha stage and heads towards beta stage. It seems to become a big project.
2003-01-31 The pTA Study
finished academic work being part of the XEE Project . The project uses the AST/TA model for a big database on secondary media. My own project is the XML/G project that uses main memory. The pTA stands for "persistant TextArray" and it is actually a B-Tree implementation of the TextArray on disk media.
The "largefile problems" projects have been given a push - through the freshmeat editorial published today. The project studies the problems variable-type off_t and library mismatch of 32bit/64bit off_t compiled - resurrecting model problems of the DOS world.
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