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Bigger Projects

PFE - Portable Forth Environment
Creating Forth using C, a complete and correct solution for a forth system, and easy to read and maintain. It is also a shared library and it has a module system giving great flexibility. And there is even more, read on at the webserver.
AC-ArchiveSF - my own Autoconf Archive branch
However work is done now for merging the two projects again. The ac-archive lists all of my macros that I have created over time to help with the various (library) projects that I am after with. Any project that is autotool'ed can take a benefit from using these macros.
ZZIPlib - opendir/fopen ZIP-reader
A library project that is also shipped along in many distros for being the foundation of php-zip classes. The magic functions are great, and along with obfuscation help it is a welcome tool for game developers (esp. SDL).
XMLg using AST/TA model with glib and pcre
The project is beta at the moment - it will be big however and consume all my earlier projects done in perl. The concept allows it to be (a) quicker in runtime than perl (b) quicker to create a parser in C than usig other tools (c) creating valid XML documents being checkpointable and (d) has a research background of a model that is not being used much today.
C.L.F.R. - Comp.Lang.Forth.Repository
Publishing standards, reviews, discussions as found on the newsgroup for Forth. So we have them all in one place. It is a collaborative effort, and better should be since it does require some work from time to time.
XM Tool - XM-Tool Helper Project
A series of perl helpers and a framework to combine them into a toolchain that can be used to create a documentation extractor and generator tool. To be replaced by "xmlg" at one point.
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