runso [-Llibpath -llib]... libs_main [args]...


The runso program will try to dlopen(3) the given libs (in the libpaths and when successful it will lookup the given dlsym(libs_main) and call it just like a normal C programs main function. The libs are all optional. If the libs_main is not accessible after initializations, an implicit -llibs is deduced from the given main-function by a simple subtraction of _main from the end of the symbol (if named like that).


runso my_toast_main -D/dev/toaster
will open <> as found in the standard libpath and call the symbol <my_toast_main> with the argc/argv set to
argc= 2 argv[0]="toast_main" argv[1]="-D/dev/toaster"


-L<path> adds the given path to the search path of shared objects
-l<obj> will dlopen the as found in the search path


Just snapshots so far, e.g. pub/runso-0.1-0000417.tar.bz2 or pub/runso-0.1-0000417.tar.gz The latest snapshots can be found here in the pub directory.



(C) 2000 Guido Draheim <>

The programs is freeware according to the rules of the LGPL -
the GNU Lesser General Public License

(C) Apr'00 Guido Draheim runso