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Smaller Projects

micro project published that prints the list of errno(3) symbolic names, values and strerror descriptions. A handy tool for library makers/programmers. Freshmeat declined to list it.
The glib documentation is incomplete, misleading, and there are no unix troff manpages. Offering hints and help was ignored in the gtk-doc arena, there seems to be no doc writer team with glib. However, I did need proper glib manpages while working on the xmlg project, and I had some experience in creating docbook-files from those parts done in zziplib project.
A derivate of the AX_CREATE_STDINT_H macro (or AC_NEED_STDINT_H as it was called back then). Instead of creating a local autogenerated stdint.h file per project, it is a nice idea to just preinstall a single header file for all projects, and then make it a BuildRequires of your project. - the project home is also used to collect docs on reasoning about stdint typedefs.
wine-vol-a patch
I do prefer to use bsd autofs to access floppy drives and cdrom. However, the wine win32 emulator has a problem with that. It can be fixed with this patch. Hopefully accepted at a alter point (not done immediatly when submitting, nor four weeks later). Anyway, the bug is there and needs a fix.
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